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The news can be pretty depressing, but it has its hilarious moments too. Here's our list of the 10 most memorable live news gaffes and bloopers Billig Generisk Cialis that went viral in 2013.

WARNING: Some videos contain explicit language

Siobhan Riley, who works for Flint, Mich., ABC affiliate WJRT, was trying to illustrate the effect "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" of construction on traffic conditions using Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop a map on a telestrator.

What she ended up illustrating was something else altogether.

Meanwhile, closer Buy Cialis Switzerland to home, Global Saskatoon anchor Lisa Dutton was making small talk on air about her son teething when she unwittingly started making an unfortunate sequence "Anabolika Definition" of hilarious sexual gestures.

NBC Nightly Deca Durabolin For Sale Canada News accidentally wiped New Hampshire off the map during a segment on the Lac Megantic disaster.

"New Hampshire was lost by our graphics department," anchor Brian Williams joked. "It has since been found and put back."

KRTV in Montana broadcast a zombie emergency alert after the station was hacked back in February.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford had a lot to be embarrassed about in 2013. But remember the day he walked into a TV camera?

Oakland's KTVU Channel 2 said they had learned the names of the flight crew following the deadly Asiana plane crash in San Francisco.

Apparently no one had read them aloud before firing up the teleprompter, because the station had fallen for a rather insensitive prank.

Also from the f bomb files comes Lindsay Nadrich of the Fox affiliate in Spokane, Wash. The look of horror on Anadrol And Grapefruit Juice the anchor's face is priceless.

A KUTV Buy Anadrol Cheap reporter in Utah passed out on a ski hill while on live TV in December. After the video went viral, Brooke Graham explained that she tends to faint in when she gets too cold in high altitudes.

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